Friday, April 5, 2013

Development in technology allow internet access from just about anywhere. Before going to restaurants my wife access their website to ensure my daughter who has nut and seafood allergies can eat the food is possible because of the internet. The internet has caused the way we live to change in such a dramatic way. The job of several employees versus a machine can be seen as damaging the economy. However I view as the service industry is just becoming more technical. RedBox and online video streaming forums still need employees to make sure things run smoothly for their customers. Just like searching for the right restaurant consumers now have a broader choice for service which benefit the consumer.

Monday, March 18, 2013


VOIP is great until all of the electricity in your home goes out and the battery fails. My wife and I use our home computers daily for work and class. And recently we were told by that cable company(Comcast) that we would have to open the walls in our home to repair what ever problem that is causing us to lose Internet service. The contract for this conglomerate even gave us a list of contractors he recommended to do the job. Instead of calling on the contractors cousins to get ripped off not only by our cable company but their contractors we decided to port our number to Verizon. The Internet service with Comcast was fine until recently we would get online for about five minutes and the signal would get lost. After so many calls from our alarm company we decided to switch. But are we going from bad to worst? Only time will tell I will keep you posted

How to fix it?

I recently had problems with the furnace in my home. Guess what I did next? Instead of hiring some guy to come in my home with the intention to rip me off I research my problem on the Internet. My furnace blows cold air instead of heat.. Yes I was very cold until looking on the Internet and discovering that the only thing I need to do is reset system.. Easy right, but to the untrained eye complicated. After watching several videos I discovered a how to video of how to videos. Needless to say my system is working fine now and I even did some preventive maintenance

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Online Tools

We are only at the beginning of the Internet era, and already almost any task that used to require an installed software, can be accomplished today using online or web tools. Anything from a simple text editing, to a very complex enterprise level database design, can be done using online tools.

Sony PS4

Gamers around the world are excited for Sony’s (SNE) recent PlayStation 4 unveiling, but not everyone will want to shell out an estimated $500-$600 on the company’s new console. As such, budget-minded gamers who aren’t afraid to adopt a current-generation system on the eve of a new launch will be happy to know that PlayStation 3 pricing is likely about to plummet.
“The PS3 was officially announced by Sony at E3 in May of 2005. Looking online I hope will bring some great deals. PlayStation 3 Price Drop

Monday, March 4, 2013

Busted Door

I've had the luxury of getting locked out of a door in my home and needed the service of a locksmith. I could have jimmied the door but when I tried I left marks in the door and frame. So at around 1 am I decided to call a locksmith and he quoted me one price over the phone but another in person however thats beside the point. The locksmith comes into my house heads upstairs to the locked door and fiddled with it a little and quoted me another price. After i stated I was quoted another price over the phone he then stated it would be for different lock. So I thought I could search the internet because thats where I found him but he's already here so let him do the work. He charges me $75.00 takes out some vice gripes and ripes my doorknob to streds. Lesson learned the replacemnet door does not have a lock and I will get quotes over the phone after searching the internet to do comparison shopping.